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We provide acquiring and processing services
for retail and business customers.
Merchant account registration.
Payment gateway services.

In a globally connected world, financial transactions
made across borders have to be accessible,
safe, and reliable. EMERALD offers
a strong and robust alternative in modern format.

We are flexible in business and decision making

Customer-centric and market expertise

E-commerce payments and payments industry expertise

Individual approach and service

Customised solutions and seamless integration

Strong business sector / verticals operating knowledge and awareness

WORLDWIDE 24/7 operations

Traditional ways for sending and receiving payments using your own EMERALD IBAN account

Card scheme extensions
Acquiring and Issuing opportunities (coming soon)

Accurate tool for business
Monitoring of payments and accounts. Advanced analytics

Remote document management
All features in online mode

Easy Transfers
Instant WORLDWIDE in one click

Safety of use
Multi-level security system to protect funds


PricingPay for service

Card Acceptance

Bespoke Solutions for your business

Personal Solutions

Open an account remotely in minutes

Use built-in budgeting and instant spending notifications

Spend and withdraw with your card within the country and abroad (coming soon)

Send money globally, request money or set up recurring payments

Security features to control how your account works

Get real-time rates


Corporate governance

EMERALD adheres to an institutional culture characterized by transparency, disclosure of information, sound corporate governance, communication, cooperation for achievement of its strategic objectives

In developing and enforcing corporate governance EMERALD implements guidelines on corporate governance principles issued by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision

Real-time reporting across our products builds accurate and transparent profiles of our users and feeds into our risk management and compliance structures.


For any assistance please contact:
Depending on your enquiry, please contact EMERALD as follows:
Support Team:
Business and events:
Phone: +44 (0) 20 3997 7773
Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. UK time
United Kingdom
3 Brindley Place, Birmingham, B1 2JB
Company number: 11557885
UK FCA license number: 900908